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 New Forensic SF-5000™ With USB Write PROtect™


Chatsworth, California, February 7, 2003 - The new Forensic SF-5000™ is engineered to the world’s top law enforcement agencies’ exacting standards to be the fastest, most reliable and compact, forensic data capturing system. Using its ultra-fast and reliable CRC-32 engine, image capture direct-to-IDE (Ultra DMA2) operations may be performed at speeds approaching 1.6 GB/min*. The system’s unidirectional, non-tampering drive-capture ensures exact, bit-for-bit duplication and verification.  With its lightweight portability, rugged construction and field-tested capabilities, the SF-5000™ is the “data capturing” weapon of choice for law enforcement field investigators, and laboratories. The Forensic SF-5000™ Kit also includes a portable printer to print detailed reports on site.

The system will make exact copies of suspect drives with zero alteration of the drive. The specialized software allows for the exact copy 100% of all files on the suspect’s hard drive including deleted files, hidden files and file slack. To ensure the user can not over-write or corrupt the suspect’s drive, the system copies only from an external source. The SF-5000™ unit is compatible with all standard or proprietary operating systems, and is designed with a controlled airflow system for expanded duplication needs to ensure no loss of data due to drive overheating.

The SF-5000™ features a variety of connectivity options to speed the data capturing process. Investigators may now copy directly through the USB port, from the suspect IDE drive, through the parallel port, or through the PCMCIA port (with the CloneCard Pro).

 The USB Write PROtect™ adapter connects to the SF-5000 to allow USB
connectivity to the source drive for data capturing. In addition, the USB
WritePROtect™ adapter guarantees read-only access when analyzing the
destination drive under Windows. This ensures full destination drive
protection against inadvertent writes. After a successful capture, the
destination drive can remain within the SF-50000u and connect to a PC or
laptop through the USB port for further analysis.


The optional Desktop Write PROtect™ version connects via IDE cable to the SF-5000 for  data capturing. The Desktop WritePROtect™ guarantees read-only access when analyzing the destination drive under Windows. This ensures full destination drive protection against inadvertent writes.


The SF-5000™ includes the Logicube CloneCard Pro® for capturing data on laptops through the PCMCIA slot at speeds exceeding 175 MB/min. This speeds the data capturing process; 15 times faster than through the parallel port. This eliminates the need to take the drive out of the caddy or laptop, use costly adapters, or lengthy waits for capturing data over the parallel port.

The optional OmniScreen™ software is also available. This is a high speed search engine, running from a forensically sound boot floppy disk. This software will search a suspect's computer hard disk for keyword evidence at the rate of about 5MB per second. The suspect computer hard disk will not be altered in any way. The investigator can specify up to 460 search items. Search items can be text (names, addresses, etc., up to 28 characters each in length) or images. This software is now used by law enforcement agencies and commercial businesses in over twenty countries throughout the world.

 The Forensic SF-5000 includes many advanced features:

CRC Authentication (Either hardware or software based) - These signatures are computed on both source and destination hard drives, and appear on the printed report.

CRC-32 Engine - Unit computes a complete CRC 32 signature of source and destination drives before and after Capture to ensure:
 1. Source and destination do not match prior to Capture
 2. Source drive has not changed
 3. Source and destination match after Capture
 4. CRC-32 signatures appear on the printed report.

Includes Special PC Software Application - To compute CRC-32 signature from both the source and destination hard drives.

Unidirectional Data Transfer - Copies only from the external data source to prevent inadvertent overwriting or corrupting of the suspect's drive.

Hardcopy On-Site Reporting - The system includes a portable printer to print a detailed report on-site. (Serial number of both destination and suspect's drive, the make model and size of both drives being used in the operation, and a statement documenting the mode of copy, how many sectors copied and source destination data checksums.)

 Compatible With Any Operating System - The unit will work with any standard or proprietary operating system. In Capture mode you are assured of an exact bit for bit copy of any data stored on a suspect drive.

Parallel Port & PC Card Slot Capability - This is ideal for situations in which the computer’s case can't be opened such as sealed notebook chassis, or potentially booby-trapped cases.

Rugged, Field-Tested Case -
This is a specially designed and tested, airtight, waterproof case for field operations. The case includes special protection for the Forensic SF-5000 unit, a power source, storage pockets for drives and cables, a full-page portable inkjet printer, and a power distribution panel.

 Finds “hidden” Data The system will find Deleted Files, File slack, Hidden partitions, Un-partitioned area (Partition gap), File masking (type alteration), Drive ID alteration, Drive “scrubbing”, Bad sectors, Password protected, Encrypted data, and Temp files

Special Software
Unit Integrity check -
the unit will automatically check to see if there are any problems with the data cables, or data integrity between source and destination drives before beginning the capture process.

Wipe Out -
Unit provides means to erase a drive prior to capturing a suspect drive. Or, erase just the remainder of the destination drive, immediately after Capture to ensure old data is not left behind on the destination drive.

Bad sector prompt -
There are four available modes for source
drive, bad-sector behavior:
 1. Abort - Aborts the capture session when a bad sector is encountered.
 2. Skip -
Skips the bad sector and continues operation (Bad sector address will be        shown on the printed report)
 3. Retry -
An extended retry mechanism attempts to retrieve data on the "offensive" sector (logged to printed report)
4. Recover -
Uses more sophisticated recovery mechanisms to recover data on sector. (Slow! But effective.)

Each Forensic SF-5000™ System Includes:
Rugged Carrying Case
Forensic SF-5000 Unit
Portable, Full-Page Inkjet Printer
CloneCard Pro™ PCMCIA Adapter
2 Sets of UDMA & Power Drive Cables
A Power Distribution Panel
(1) 2.5" Laptop Drive Adapter
(1) Set 18” UDMA & Power Drive Cables for Extended Reach

 System Specifications

Power Requirements:    90-230 47/63 Hz

Power Consumption:    10W without drives

Operating Temperature:   5 - 60ºC

 Relative Humidity:        10% - 80%

 Net Weight:     15.6 oz. - 442 grams

 Dimensions: 5.5" W x 8"D x 1.5" - 2.4" H

             Agency Approvals:      UL 1950, FCC Part 15 Class A, CE


Logicube has built a reputation for high-quality, intuitive cloning and duplication technologies, backed by responsive technical and customer support.  The company’s products are sold through a growing network of authorized manufacturer’s representatives, international distributors, and authorized dealers and resellers throughout the world. Logicube’s corporate headquarters are located in Chatsworth, California. For more information please call 888-494-8832 or 818-700-8488 or visit Logicube online at

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