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Logicube Releases their new Solitaire Forensic Kit for the investigation of computer data.



Chatsworth, CA June 19, 2001 - Logicube Inc., the leading developer of hard drive and CDR duplication systems, today announced the release of its new Solitaire Forensics System designed for the forensic investigation of computer data.

The Solitaire Forensics System is designed specifically with law enforcement field investigation requirements in mind. With data transfer speeds in excess of 950 MB/min, the Forensic Kit has the ability to copy directly through the parallel port and (with the use the optional CloneCard) through the PCMCIA slot. The Solitaire Forensic Kit is O/S independent, provides on-site hard copy reporting. With unparalleled ease of use and portability, the Solitaire Forensics Kit is the most cost effective, intuitive hard drive duplication system available.

The System is self-contained in a field-tested ballistic nylon, airtight case to withstand the rugged requirements of field investigations.   The system is designed for exact drive information capture and will make exact copies of suspect drives with zero alteration of the drive data. The system software will copy 100% of all files on the suspects hard drive including deleted files, hidden files and file slack.

The Solitaire Forensic Kit includes a portable printer to print detailed reports on site. This information includes the time, date, operatorís name or code, serial number of both target and suspectís drive, make, model and size of both drives and a statement documenting the mode of copy, how many sectors copied and source and target check sums.

To ensure the user cannot over-write or corrupt the suspectís drive, the system limits copying from only one external source. The Solitaire Forensic unit is compatible with standard or proprietary operating systems, and is designed with a controlled airflow system for expanded duplication needs to ensure no loss of data due to drive overheating.

            For further details on The Solitaire Forensic Kit visit or contact Logicube at 888-494-8832 / 818-700-8488 8am-5pm PST. Logicube offers one year manufacturers warranty on parts and labor, complimentary software updates, and 24/7 sales engineer support.


            Optional OmniScreen -High speed Search Engine for Direct Forensic Analysis

Logicube OmniScreen is a high speed search engine, running from a forensically sound boot floppy disk. This software will search a suspect computerís hard drive for evidence at the rate of 5MB per second. The suspect computer hard disk is not altered in any way.

            The investigator can specify up to 460 search items. Search items can be text (names, addresses, etc., up to 28 characters each in length) or images (JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.).


About Logicube

Logicube (formerly Online Devices International) was founded in 1993 by the same founders of Computer Memories, the pioneer hard drive manufacturer and publicly traded company which provided high-capacity drives for IBM PCís among others, and grew to a company with an annual sales exceeding $200 million per year. Logicube is a leading developer and manufacturer of software deployment and duplication services with a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and designers. The level of skill and list of accomplishments of Logicube's design staff is unrivaled in the software deployment and disk duplication industry. We are committed to developing and producing the most advanced and innovative software deployment solutions on the market. Logicube is located in Chatsworth, California at 818-700-8488 or



System Specifications

Power Requirements:    90-230 47/63 Hz

Power Consumption:    10W without drives

Operating Temperature:   5 - 60ļC

 Relative Humidity:        10% - 80%

 Net Weight:     15.6 oz. - 442 grams

 Dimensions: 5.5" W x 8"D x 1.5" - 2.4" H

             Agency Approvals:      UL 1950, FCC Part 15 Class A, CE

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                                                                                                Jerry Kaner

                                                                                                Logicube, Inc.

                                                                                                818-700-8488 ext.100


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