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Adult Education Resources

California Distance Learning Resources


Adult Learning Theory: Implications for Distance Education


  Andragogy (M. Knowles)

Knowles' theory of andragogy is an attempt to develop a theory specifically for adult learning. Knowles emphasizes that adults are self-directed and expect to take responsibility for decisions. Adult learning programs must accommodate this fundamental aspect.

  B.F. Skinner

Skinner's Defense of Behaviorism, Classic Works, Animal Learning Theory and Utopian Societies

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  Cognitive Psychology


  Constructivist - Learning Theory
  Creativity Web

Resources for Creativity and Innovation

  Experiential Learning

Rogers distinquished two types of learning: cognitive (meaningless) and experiential (significant). The former corresponds to academic knowledge such as learning vocabulary or multiplication tables and the latter refers to applied knowledge such as learning about engines in order to repair a car. The key to the distinction is that experiential learning addresses the needs and wants of the learner. Rogers lists these qualities of experiential learning: personal involvement, self-initiated, evaluated by learner, and pervasive effects on learner.

  Explorations in Learning & Instruction

Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database

  Funderstanding - About Learning
  How People Learn

This section examines 12 different theories on how people learn:

  Instructional Design & Learning Theory
  Instructional Design Theory
  Introduction to Motor Behavior and Control
  Law and Politics: Internet Guide
  Learning & Instruction
  Learning Theories
  Learning Theories







Learning Theories - Adult

Learning Theories in the Classroom

Learning Theory

Learning Theory

Learning Styles

Michigan Adult Learning & Technology Center

Models for Instructional Design

Online Writing Lab by Purdue University

PBS Adult Learning

Primedia Workplace Learning

Problem Based Learning

Reference Educational Learning Theories

Regent University School of Law

Teaching Techniques For Adult Learning

Teaching Techniques Index

The Cognitive System

The Effects of Technology on Adult Learning

U.S. Department of Education



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