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Civil Defense: The War At Home Civil Defense: The War At Home

From the Japanese submarine that attacked Santa Barbara in WWII to the World Trade Center bombing, this is a sweeping look at civil defense in America.


Prostitution: Sex and the Law  Prostitution: Sex and the Law

From red-light districts to high-end "escort services," this is an up-to-the-minute look at the age old battle against prostitution.


L.A. Riots Revisited L.A. Riots Revisited

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS exposes a tapestry of ignorance, panic and miscalculation that may have made the L.A. riots inevitable.



Inside SWAT Inside SWAT

See how the threat of terrorism has sparked a revolution among America's elite law enforcement squads.



Police Guns Police Guns

From tense standoffs to a tour of museums where old armaments are preserved, this is a fascinating look at the weapons used by the police.



Police Technology Police Technology

Trace the evolution of the tools the police use to solve crimes and keep order, from the days of "Bobbies" with billy clubs to high-tech forensic labs.


Internal Affairs Internal Affairs

Take a probing look at one of the most closely guarded elements of AMERICAN JUSTICE-and meet the people who are charged with investigating their fellow officers.



My Father's Gun VHS + Book set My Father's Gun VHS + Book set

Get the video chronicling three generations of life in the NYPD and the bestselling book on which it was based.



Deadly Force Deadly Force

Revisit some of the most infamous incidents in the history of law enforcement-from the MOVE bombing to Waco-in this hard-hitting look at the controversial use of DEADLY FORCE.


Helter Skelter With Vincent Bugliosi Helter Skelter With Vincent Bugliosi

The man who put the Manson family behind bars talks about the murders that shocked the nation and the 41-week trial that followed.






Inside S.W.A.T. Video

Inside S.W.A.T. Video

Breaking news of drug busts, hostage taking, riots and worse remind us of the need for S.W.A.T. trained police officers.


Becoming a Cop Video Becoming a Cop Video

A career in law enforcement is exciting, challenging and stable, few people ever obtain the badge.


Extreme Angle Marksmanship Video Extreme Angle Marksmanship Video

This video is the same exact course taught to law enforcement agencies and U.S. military units worldwide.


911 Police Tactics Video 911 Police Tactics Video

Tactical training that could save your life. The 911 officer is the front line soldier in the war on crime.


Police and Military Edged Weapons Video Police and Military Edged Weapons Video

Will teach you step-by-step everything you ever wanted to know about combat with a knife and other edged weapons.


Hand To Hand Combat For Police Officers Video Hand To Hand Combat For Police Officers Video

Demonstrates theories and practical skills which enable an officer to maintain control over an advisory without the use of a weapon.


Mean Street Police Video Mean Street Police Video

This real-action video captures everything from robberies in progress to bloody gun battles.


General Omar Bradley General Omar Bradley

Files and footage from the archives of the U.S. Naval Institute highlight this profile of the military genius who prepared America's forces for World War II.


Pleading Insane Pleading Insane

Contrary to popular belief, the insanity defense is rarely used and often unsuccessful-find out why in this examination featuring interviews with John Hinckley's lawyer.


The Hostage Takers The Hostage Takers

Extraordinary footage of real cases shows how the police handle one of the most dramatic of all crimes.


Secret Societies Secret Societies

From the Freemasons to Yale's exclusive Skull and Bones, this is a penetrating look at the enigmatic world of SECRET SOCIETIES.


Sacred Societies Sacred Societies

Go inside the secretive world of druids and the Knights Templar and meet modern adherents of ancient, pagan beliefs.


Gangsta Girls Gangsta Girls

An up-close look at four female gang members shows what life is like in their violent world. 50 mins.


Gangbusters Gangbusters

From Elliot Ness to the disturbing rise of gang-related violence across the nation, this is the definitive look at the fight against gangs in America.


Trial By Television Trial By Television

Interviews with convicted felon Pamela Smart-whose case was a tabloid television mainstay-and lawyer Alan Dershowitz highlight this look at justice and the media.


Prime Time Violence Prime Time Violence

Explore the debate that led to the new TV rating system in this illuminating look at the influence of violence on television. 50 mins.


Santa Monica Santa Monica

A lover's quarrel between police officers exposed a web of illicit affairs and corruption in this Southern California beachfront community.



The Real West: The Texas Rangers The Real West: The Texas Rangers

From their frontier origins to their legendary manhunts, THE REAL WEST tells the incredible story of some of the most fabled lawmen in history.






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