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Law Enforcement Weapons Books
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Advanced Tactical Marksman: More High-Performance Techniques for Police, Military, and Practical Shooters

From the Publisher
When Dave Lauck wrote The Tactical Marksman in 1996, serious shooters around the world took notice of its solid how-to information and insightful examination of the state of marksmanship. It quickly became a sought-after training manual for police, military, and civilian marksmen alike. Now Lauck, one of the most respected names in high-performance shooting and gunsmithing, reevaluates, refines, and updates that information in this book. Advanced Tactical Marksman explores and explains realistic shooting techniques and equipment without any desk-bound gun writer's exaggerations. Lauck proves that long-distance shooters do not need to use over-complicated mil-dot formulas and minute-of-angle calculations to achieve superior accuracy. He also demonstrates the advantages of his custom reticle design and describes the advancements of the MR-30PG shooting system. Simply put, dedicated shooters who want to perform better and faster would do well to adopt Lauck's advanced marksmanship techniques.


Tactical Marksman : Complete Training Manual for Police and Practical Shooters : A Complete Training Manual for Police and Practical Shooters

From the Publisher
Marksmen, cops and practical and competition shooters alike will benefit from the expert advice and firsthand experiences contained in this indispensable guide. Going beyond "hype for hire" and tall tales, it reveals what it really takes to succeed in situations where one shot is all you'll get - and lives hang in the balance.

  Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Shooting techniques, load and reload, flashlight techniques, improve qualification scores, street cover and concealment, clear jams and malfunctions, and more.

Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcement Guide to Covert Guns, Knives, and Other Weapons

From the Publisher
Concealed weapons are nothing new. Many, such as war fans and blowgun flutes, have been around for centuries, and police recover new and ever more devious devices on the street almost daily. But after September 11, 2001, heightened vigilance regarding hidden weapons became a top priority for law enforcement and security personnel worldwide. The events of 9/11, and other security breaches that followed, awakened the public to the grave dangers covert weapons -- and lackadaisical security measures -- pose to civilians and police alike. This book, written by New York Police Officer Craig Meissner, drives the point home. From guns disguised as beepers and cell phones to razor-sharp plastic knives shaped like credit cards to stun guns taking the form of pens and flashlights, the weapons described in this book are based on everyday objects that would not ordinarily arouse suspicion. Outwardly innocuous and strikingly simple, all of these items are extremely treacherous, and most are potentially lethal. In addition to insight into the kinds of weapons to be on the alert for, Meissner offers indispensable advice on search tactics and techniques that will ensure their safe and efficient recovery. Whether you're a police officer, border patrol or airport security agent, corrections officer, private security guard, member of the armed forces, or defense-minded civilian, this book provides an eye-opening -- and potentially life-saving -- glimpse into the world of covert weapons and the ingenuity of the criminal mind.




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