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Just the Facts, Ma'am: A Writer's Guide to Investigators and Investigation Techniques

Whether your story involves snooping on a wayward husband or conducting corporate espionage, this guide will help you get the facts straight. You'll learn everything you need to know about all types of public and private investigators - such as background, skills and credentials. Drawing on 20 years of experience, author Greg Fallis then shows you how these professionals really operate.


Writing for Law Enforcement (Hess)

From The Publisher
This book provides concise, practical chapters on conducting interviews, writing various kinds of investigative reports, writing several types of memos, taking essay exams, and giving oral presentations. The introductory chapters cover the principles of good writing and offer strategies to help improve writing and organizing skills. Chapter-by-chapter, the author then takes readers through the process of investigative report writing and offers several specific examples on how to craft investigative documents. The book also features an extensive bibliography of print and on-line sources related to law enforcement and criminal justice, and also overviews APA documentation style. Market: Law enforcement officials.

Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals (Jerrold Brown)

From Booknews  
New edition of a text that helps prepare police, corrections, and security personnel to fulfill their roles as objective reporters of fact and circumstance. Fourteen chapters address the nature of report writing; mechanics such as grammar, sentence structure, and using or abusing words; and modernizations, including identifying criminals and trends, sharing information, and technological innovations. Contains b&w illustrations. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Written and Interpersonal Communication Methods for Law Enforcement  2ND Edition (Harvey Wallace)

From The Publisher
Effective communications are essential for police work, in particular leadership roles within the police organization. By improving their communication skills, students using this text prepare themselves for efficient and successful careers in law enforcement.

Painless Police Report Writing: An English Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals (Frasee)

From The Publisher
Police academy report writing classes may be taught by law enforcement professionals without the English grammar to explain concepts and help struggling recruits. The first five chapters are devoted to presenting English grammar in a straightforward conversational style format. The last two chapters are devoted to the police report writing process.

Communication and Law Enforcement

From the Publisher
Every aspect of human communication is addressed in this book: the power of words, active listening, attitudes and behavior modification, non-verbal communication and building relationship skills. All of these explicated principles are then applied to the field of law enforcement. The law enforcement officer, student officer and criminology student will find this of invaluable help in dealing with conflict-filled situations, dealing with militant and dissident members of the community, as well as enhancing their everyday community relations. Originally published by Harper & Row in 1984.


Report It In Writing

From The Publisher
This easy to use workbook is designed to improve the ability of law enforcement professionals to write effectively. Each section presents a brief rule relating to the covered topic accompanied by examples and applications. Using sample police, corrections, and probation scenarios this book provides comprehensive coverage of topics specifically related to writing law enforcement reports. Among these topics are: chronological order, facts vs. opinions, proofreading, note taking, taking statements, reporting procedures, ethical reporting, and organization techniques. The book presents clear and concise rules and applications for six different writing topics in separate sections: parts of speech, word usage, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The second edition of Report It in Writing has been updated to include a substantial amount of new material covering ethical reporting, taking statements, note taking, and reporting procedures. It also provides additional exercises on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proofreading. An essential reference for on writing reports for law enforcement and corrections officers.




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