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Executive's Guide to Personal Security

From the Publisher
In this day and age, terrorist threats and ordinary criminal activity have become a growing concern for those at home as well as individuals traveling abroad. This year alone, hundreds of executives, tourists, and exchange students will be robbed, assaulted, kidnapped, and murdered. Most of these incidents could be prevented by adherence to the basic rules of personal safety. But many people are unaware of these rules or choose to ignore them. This must change.

The only way to lessen your chances of becoming a victim is to learn how to make yourself less vulnerable. Written by two seasoned security experts, Executive's Guide to Personal Security will allow you to make the right decisions in regard to your personal safety, the safety of your employees, and corporate assets. But these lessons are not confined to those in the business world. Anyone who would like to feel more secure–from individuals traveling to foreign countries to those studying abroad–can also benefit from these lessons.


Practical Security Training

Practical Security Training will help security departments develop effective security forces from screening and selecting personnel to ensuring that proper and cost efficient training is conducted. This book is unique because of its practical basis in the cost-center of the company. Realistic performance-based training is a proactive way to prepare the security force to deal with the threats of today and tomorrow. The building block approach and progressive methods allow the security staff to become gradually more effective and more confident. Flexible and practical, these tools allow security practitioners to adapt them as needed in different environments.

Considering hypothetical situations and case studies, performing drills and continually evaluating performance, the security staff can be better prepared to deal with both routine and emergency situations.

Protection Officer Training Manual

The Protection Officer Training Manual is a comprehensive training guide and instructional text which covers all of the subjects essential to the effective training of protection officers. This material, now in its sixth edition, has been class-tested for many years and has been the training manual for the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) since 1988. This new edition retains the exceptional organization and coverage of the previous editions. Each chapter is written by leading security trainers and educators. Included in the manual are self-quizzes and hundreds of diagrams and illustrations. An Instructor's Guide is also available. This ancillary book provides the trainer with instruction tips, learning objectives, practical training exercises, and test items. IFPO was developed to facilitate the training and certification needs of first-line security officers and supervisors throughout the private and public security industry. IFPO was registered as a non-profit organization in January 1988, and its offices are located in the United States and Canada.

Private Investigation: How to Be Successful (Bill Copeland)

Bill Copeland is a most experienced private investigator who owns two nationwide private investigation firms and is the author of the tremendously successful book, Absolutely Zero Loss. Bill earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Law Enforcement and Corrections from Penn State University. He spent nearly 20 years in executive corporate security before entering the private side of the business. He is licensed to practice private investigation in twenty two states. His vast knowledge and expertise are yours for the reading in Private Investigation: How to Be Successful!

Modern Bounty Hunters: A Crime Fighters Training Manual


An Introduction to Public & Private Investigations (John Dempsey) 





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