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Stoning the Keepers at the Gate: Society's Relationship with Law Enforcement

In Stoning the Keepers at the Gate, police psychologist Lawrence N. Blum, Ph.D. looks at the role of law enforcement in modern times and argues that, while bad cops need to be rooted out, blanket condemnation of the police threatens the very liberties that make such condemnation possible, as well as the safety of the American public in their homes and lives. Blum argues that the enormous stresses officers experience -- from violent physical attack to unrewarded or misunderstood acts of heroism -- require special understanding, an understanding that is often missing from police departments themselves.

Blum provides a unique insight into the dynamics, practices, and activities within police agencies that influence police officers' actions, and that often hide the real sources of police behaviors that are thought of as faulty, insensitive, or inappropriate.

A passionate call not only for understanding but a reappraisal of whose actions are scrutinized within and outside of police agencies, police accountability, and the nature of policing itself in the twenty-first century. Stoning the Keepers at the Gate is a dynamic and fascinating analysis of the role of law enforcement today.

NYPD: The inside Story of New York's Legendary Police Department

"Forget everything you learned in the academy, kid," a venerable legend has a weathered police veteran telling an impressionable rookie on his first night on the beat. Like this anecdote, this history of the country's oldest municipal police force carries a certain irony: It is a portrait of people who have kept order in America's largest city -- but who have abandoned their sworn duty to serve and protect with alarming regularity. Policing New York, we learn in Thomas Reppetto and James Lardner's NYPD: The Inside Story of New York's Legendary Police Department, has always offered countless opportunities for both heroism and disgrace. New York's love-hate relationship with its police force is a time-honored tradition.


Public Order in Ancient Rome

From the Publisher
The absence of a professional police force in the city of Rome in classical times is often identified as a major cause of the collapse of the Republic. But this alleged 'structural weakness' was not removed by the Emperor Augustus and his successors, and was in fact shared with other pre-modern states: a specialized police force is a modern invention. In this critical new study of the system of law and order in ancient Rome in both Republican and Imperial periods, Wilfried Nippel identifies the mechanisms of self-regulation which operated as a stabilizing force within Roman society. This case-study of ancient Rome has a comparative dimension and will interest legal historians of other pre-modern societies as well as ancient historians, anthropologists, sociologists and political scientists.

Law, Sexuality, and Society: The Enforcement of Morals in Classical Athens

From The Publisher
Centering on the examination of the social and legal context of adultery, homosexuality, imprety, and the public -- private dichotomy in Athenian society, this book attempts to examine the problems of social control and the regulation of sexuality in a way that will be of interest to a broad readership. It uses a comparative approach to show how the examination of such issues can deepen our understanding of classical Athens, particularly in regard to the role of law in society. Further, it argues that this historical investigation can, in turn, enrich our general appreciation of the relation of social and legal norms, and the roles they play in regulating complex social practices, like those associated with sexuality, morals, and the family. The author develops a view of classical Athenian society which emphasizes the study of social control as the dynamic interplay of legal and social norms within the context of ideology and practice.

This book will be of interest to a wide readership: classicists and ancient historians, lawyers, social theorists, historical sociologists, anthropologists, and cultural and social historians.

  The Role of Police in American Society : A Documentary History

From the Publisher
From the night watchmen of the 17th century to the highly publicized Rodney King hearings, the history and development of police policy and the role of police in American society are traced through this collection of 95 primary documents. Students, teachers, and interested readers can use this valuable resource to examine the development and role of the police in the United States through the words of the people who were involved in the struggle to enforce laws, uphold the Constitution, maintain safe and stable communities, and create efficient and effective police forces. An explanatory introduction precedes each document to aid the user in understanding the economic, political, social, and legislative forces that helped shape the role of the police in our society.




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