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Specialty Police Munitions : The Hottest New Specialty Ammunition, Weapons Platforms, Devices, and Chemical Agents for Real-World Law Enforcement

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Being a police officer is tough enough without having to worry about whether your munitions will perform in the line of fire or whether you will be reprimanded or sued for using the wrong one. In this book, veteran SWAT officer and police trainer Tony Jones looks at the latest lethal and "less lethal" police specialty munitions and tools being fielded, tested and researched by major ammo manufacturers, including: specialty impact munitions (electrical stun devices, stun shields, Tasers and antiterrorist rounds) specialty lethal munitions (detonating tip, enhanced expanding and frangible rounds); chemical agent munitions (tactical aerosol devices, chemical agent launchers); and specialty training munitions (marking ammo, blank rounds, nontoxic ammo). Make sure your department is using the right tools for the job!




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