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General Law Enforcement Books
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The Police in America  3RD Edition (Samuel Walker)

From The Publisher
This engaging and current overview of police officers and policing systems gives readers an inclusive survey of policing in America. Divided into four parts, The Police in America,begins with a compelling analysis of the foundation of law enforcement, including the underlying purpose of police in society, the history of American police, as well as the contemporary law enforcement industry. It goes on to cover everything from the critical role of the beat cop and the fundamental problems in policing to the career path of police officers and a level-by-level overview of police organizations. Using timely articles and excerpts, the author takes readers beyond the headlines and statistics, to present a comprehensive and contemporary overview of what it means to be a police officer.

Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice  6TH Edition

This time tested text introduces readers to how law enforcement operates within the criminal justice system and society at large. Wrobleski and Hess, who both work at Normandale Community College, provide an overview of the changes in crime and law enforcement over time and include chapters on contemporary law enforcement practices such as community policing, patrol and traffic functions, and specialized functions such as vice, tactical forces, and intelligence. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Pocket Partner, 2nd Ed

Let us introduce you to an amazing new reference book designed specifically for law enforcement personnel. It contains 576 pages of facts, tables, and vital information AND it fits in your shirt pocket! Covers virtually EVERY situation a cop could ever face in a fast reference format!

2nd Edition Updates Include:
The biggest update involves the Hazmat Section. It has been completely redone to reflect the changes in the 2000 version of the North American Emergency Response Guide. The most significant change is regarding chemical weapons (mostly nerve gases) in the list of hazardous substances. There was also some renumbering done, and a few across-the-board changes in the procedures listed in the Guides.
Two new items were added:
1) A chart showing the amount of explosive and the kind of damage that could be done by various types of vehicle bombs.
2) Just before the Miranda section at the end, there is a new, 1 page article on How to Catch a Crooked Cop. The article explains how an honest cop can expose corruption without endangering himself or his job.

All telephone numbers have been called and updated.

Web sites have been checked and new ones added.

Shirt pocket size: 3.2" x 5.4" x 0.7".
576 pages.
Weight 6 ounces.

Police Operations: Analysis and Evaluations
  Wildlife Law Enforcement

From The Publisher
This one-of-a-kind text is a practical guide to real-life situations and issues encountered by wildlife conservation and law enforcement professionals. Dramatically updated, Wildlife Law Enforcement offers an excellent balance between theoretical and practical information using real-life examples, actual case references, and hypothetical case studies.




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