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Use of Force Books
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Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force: Practical Investigative Techniques

Provides investigators and agency administrators with a model use of force policy and established protocols for conducting investigations of high profile deadly force incidents that attract public attention. The author, who was a homicide detective with the Las Vegas police department, also offers advice on interviewing witnesses and the officers involved, and working with review boards and the media. Sample forms and checklists are provided. Annotation c. Book News, Inc.,Portland, OR
Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Correction Officers

From the Publisher
Includes: Use of Force, Positioning, Transporters, Pressure Points, Cuffing, Searching, Takedowns, Blocking/Striking, Escape Techniques, Impact Weapons, Ground Fighting, Weapon Defense, Handgun Retention and supplemental material.

Far beyond Defensive Tactics : Advanced Concepts, Techniques, Drills, and Tricks for Cops on the Street

Self-defense should never be complicated; fighting is too fast, furious and dangerous for complicated maneuvers. In his blunt and humorous style, Loren Christensen, a retired cop and longtime martial artist, teaches you how to disarm attackers, prevail against multiple attackers (and Internal Affairs), strike the two best targets for disabling a hostile person, use the ground to your advantage and deal with people not affected by pain compliance holds or chemical sprays. This book is for working cops everywhere, as well anyone who wants to know how to win a fight.

Police Violence: Understanding and Controlling Police Abuse of Force

This book focuses on what is known and what still needs to be learned in order to understand, prevent, and remediate police abuse of force. Experts focus on such topics as the theory, causes, and extent of police brutality, the influence of race, public and police opinions on the abuse of force, and police brutality in other countries. In the final chapter, the editors suggest practical innovations to help control this urgent problem and new directions for research.


The Secrets of Police Aikido: Controlling Tactics Used by Law Enforcement Professionals

From the Publisher
Written by an accomplished sixth-degree black belt in Aikido (the highest rank available to a non-Japanese adept), this book is an up-to-date manual for mastering the martial art preferred by police officers all across the country. Although Aikido is nonaggressive, skilled practitioners can easily control many challenging situations. Readers will learn how to heighten awareness, how to maintain readiness and advantage when approaching an opponent, and how to move out of the way of a punch and quickly take down an assailant. Here you'll also learn the history of this ancient art and its most effective preparatory exercises.


Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons
Above the Law: Police and the Excessive Use of Force

The authors "examine the problem of police violence on the street, in crowd control, and in interrogations. Although they believe that police use of excessive force has decreased somewhat in the last 20 years, {they say} it is still widespread and is aggravated by the use of the military model, police culture, and methods of police administration. They argue that police agencies need major reforms including greater accountability, openness, and professionalism." (Libr J) Index.

Police Vehicles and Firearms: Police Vehicles and Firearms: Instruments of Deadly Force

From Booknews  
A study of the public policy implications of two critical decisions (and their common aspects) by police officers: the decision to use firearms and the decision to undertake a high speed chase. Published by Waveland Press, Inc., PO Box 400, Prospect Heights, IL 60070. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (




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