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Are Cops Racist?: How the War against the Police Harms Black Americans

From the Publisher

"The forces of opposition to "racial profiling" threaten to obliterate the crime-fighting gains of the last decade, especially in America's inner cities. This is the message of Heather Mac Donald's new book, in which she brings her special brand of tough and honest journalism to the current war against the police." "The reduction in urban crime, one of the nation's signal policy successes of the 1990s, has benefited black communities even more dramatically than white neighborhoods, she shows. By policing inner cities actively after long neglect, cops have allowed business and civil society to flourish there once more. But attacks on police, centering on charges of police racism and racial profiling, and spearheaded by activists, the press, and even the Justice Department, have slowed this success and threaten to reverse it." Ms. Mac Donald looks at the reality behind the allegations and writes about the black cops you never heard of, the press coverage of policing, and policing strategies across the country. Her iconoclastic findings demolish the prevailing anti-cop orthodoxy.


Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing

From the Publisher
From dark streets and hallways where criminals prey on their victims to the corridors of power where political agendas set policy, law enforcement officers face unrelenting demands on their courage and morality. In a dangerous world, are "Dirty Harry" tactics or "noble cause corruption" ever justified? What does it take to enforce the law and keep the peace honorably? In the expanded edition of Character and Cops, Edwin J. Delattre has added material on the Rodney King beating, gang-based violence, and the tragedy at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. He also includes an appendix, with a guide for designing academy courses and programs in ethics and for using the book as an instructional tool. Character and Cops explores the ethical standards that govern police commands and individual officers in pursuit of their duties. More broadly, though, the book addresses questions of individual character, public trust, corruption, moral training, and ethics education as they apply to society at large.

Enforcing Ethics: A Scenario-Based Workbook for Police and Corrections Recruits and Officers (Goodman)

From The Publisher
Fifty real-life scenarios are presented in "ethical encounters" which ask the best means of handling a crime situation and resolving the matter ethically. This is an essential reference for every police officer and supervisor as well as citizens concerned with ethical police behavior.

The Ethics of Policing (John Kleinig)

From the Publisher
Offering an in-depth analysis of the ethical values that police should uphold, this book considers their authority in broad terms. It also tackles accountability, the use of force, deceptive stratagems, corruption, and the tension between personal values and communal concerns.


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